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01 Flow meters
01.1 Turbine meter
01.2 Rotary gas meters
01.3 Diaphragm gas meters
01.4 Smart meters and reading systems

02 Pressure regulators and safety valves
02.1 Low pressure regulators
02.2 Medium pressure regulators
02.3 High pressure regulators
02.4 Safety shutoff valves
02.5 Safety relief valves

01 Complete range of industrial LPG equipment
01.1 Connectors, hoses, bellows
01.2 ASME equipment
01.3 Back check, excess flow valves
01.4 Filler valves, filler nozzles, vapour equalizing valves
01.5 Filters, liquid separators
01.6 Safety relief valves
01.7 Pressure regulators
01.8 Pressure gauges
01.9 Surface monitoring and measuring instruments
01.10 Shutoff-, ball-, solenoid valves
01.11 Vaporizer and vaporizer units
01.12 Liquified gas pumps and compressors
01.13 Bottle filling scales and plants
01.14 Refuelling equipment, loading arms
01.15 Truck and rail tanker equipment
01.16 Electric motors, electronics, leakage detectors

01 filter elements
01.1 Cartridge filters
01.2 Gaskets

01 Gas pressure regulators
01.1 Low, medium and high pressure regulators
01.2 Safety shutoff and safety relief valves

02 Changeover valves
02.1 Automatic changeover valves for LPG cylinders

01 Surface control equipment for liquefied gas and chemical tanks
01.1 Gauges Junior, Senior, Magnetel
01.2 Meter transmitters
01.3 Meter receivers
01.4 Remote control systems

01 Complete range of industrial LPG, and LNG valves
01.1 Safety relief valves
01.2 Back pressure check valves

01.3 Excess flow valves
01.4 Filler valves
01.5 Vapour equalizing valves

02 Cryo and LNG valves
02.1 Shut-off and ball valves
02.2 Pressure regulators
02.3 Hoses
02.4 Refuelling equipment

01 Flow meters
01.1 Smart meters

01 Volume converters
01.1 Volume converters for Natural and other gases
01.2 Gas pressure regulators
01.3 Safety relief valves
01.4 Safety shutoff valves
01.5 Filters

01 Filters
01.1 Natural gas filters
01.2 Liquefied gas filters
01.3 Heat exchangers
01.4 Liquid separators/Coalescers

01 LPG tanks
01.1 Underground and above ground tanks 1-32 m³
01.2 Equipped, designed and built according to your specifications

Natural gas

Liquefied petroleum gas

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