We sell industrial gas equipment

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to Jupiter? Upon arrival there would be a lot of colourful clouds, which are the thick atmosphere of Jupiter. Walking on Jupiter, which was originally called the “gas planet”, is not possible, because unlike Earth, Jupiter is not a solid planet.

Jupiter is by no means the only planet with gas reserves. Come and explore the potential of Earth’s gases.


You can go on a journey to the wonderful world of gases and most importantly, the benefits of gas, on the wings of the Lennart Wikström Gas Ship. A portfolio with a selection of top brands and long experience in the natural gas and liquified petroleum industry makes us a leading equipment distributor.


For us, the customer’s need is always the starting point of our work: the selection and dimensioning of the equipment is appropriate to the customer’s needs. With more than two decades of experience, top selection and comprehensive installation and maintenance services, we offer only the best for the customer.


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