Kaasulaite Lennart Wikström

Kaasulaite Lennart Wikström joins Oy Konwell Ab

Oy Konwell Ab, specialising in industrial valves and field equipment, has expanded its gas industry portfolio by purchasing the assets of Kaasulaite Lennart Wikström Oy, a leading supplier of industrial gas valves and equipment.

”We at Konwell want to be part of the industrial change towards a more carbon-neutral future and feel that high-quality gas equipment sales are a key part of this development.”

Kai Heinänen
Executive Vice President, Konwell


Kaasulaite Lennart Wikström Oy was founded in 1998 as a professional in natural gas and liquefied gas equipment. We offer a top selection in the industry, consisting of very high-quality products. The range includes all essential natural gas control and measurement equipment from well-known international suppliers and manufacturers.

In addition to equipment, we offer professional expertise and make sure that the choice and dimensioning of the equipment meets your needs. We also provide installation and comprehensive maintenance services that work together with the industry’s well-known installers. Fast deliveries, good equipment and spare parts stores make us an agile operator.

”It’s important for me to ensure my customers receive high quality and continuity. I’m convinced that with the Konwell team, we can make this happen. It’s also great that my customers will be able to benefit from Konwell’s high-quality services also when it comes to other process mediums and other equipment solutions.”

Lennart Wikström
Kaasulaite Lennart Wikström Oy


The top selection includes internationally well-known and respected equipment suppliers and manufacturers. We always represent the client’s entire range and we help you choose the best solutions. We can also make a suitable solution by combining brands.

Flow meters
Turbine meter
Rotary gas meters
Diaphragm gas meters
Smart meters and reading systems
Pressure regulators and safety valves
Low pressure regulators
Medium pressure regulators
High pressure regulators
Safety shutoff valves
Safety relief valves

Filter elements
Cartridge filters

Gas pressure regulators
Low, medium and high pressure regulators
Safety shutoff and safety relief valves
Changeover valves
Automatic changeover valves for LPG cylinders

Flow meters
Smart meters

Natural gas filters
Liquefied gas filters
Heat exchangers
Liquid separators/Coalescers

Industrial LPG equipment
Connectors, hoses, bellows
ASME equipment
Back check, excess flow valves
Filler valves, filler nozzles, vapour equalizing valves
Filters, liquid separators
Safety relief valves
Pressure regulators
Pressure gauges
Surface monitoring and measuring instruments
Shutoff-, ball-, solenoid valves
Vaporizer and vaporizer units
Liquified gas pumps and compressors
Bottle filling scales and plants
Refuelling equipment, loading arms
Truck and rail tanker equipment
Electric motors, electronics, leakage detectors

Complete range of industrial LPG, and LNG valves
Safety relief valves
Back pressure check valves
Excess flow valves
Filler valves
Vapour equalizing valves
Cryo and LNG valves
Shut-off and ball valves
Pressure regulators
Refuelling equipment

Volume converters
Volume converters for Natural and other gases
Gas pressure regulators
Safety relief valves
Safety shutoff valves

Surface control equipment for liquefied gas and chemical tanks
Gauges Junior, Senior, Magnetel
Meter transmitters
Meter receivers
Remote control systems

LPG tanks
Underground and above ground tanks 1-32 m³
Equipped, designed and built according to your specifications

Contact Details

Lennart Wikström

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+358 50 346 5536


Jari Ruotsalainen

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+358 40 560 4454


Kai Heinänen

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